IWOLA is a designer clothing store.

The designer is Imola Tóth, she was born and raised in Oradea, Romania. She attended the „School of Art” High School Oradea and The University of Art and Design Cluj Napoca than the  Fashion Design at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest.

The Brand

We are creating for conscious, sophisticated woman who appreciate quality, uniqueness, style, and sustainability. Our creations are not just dresses, each of them is a creation, a feeling. We represent the slow fashion in this rushing world.

The main line of the brand is casual clothes, evening dresses / cocktail dresses, sophisticated, feminine pieces, exciting, premium quality materials and elaborations, especially simpler, classic lines with decorations. They are available in classic sizes or made to measure, and can be tried on in our showroom.

In our showroom, we also make fully customized couture dresses on request, designed to meet the customer’s requirements. The customer can expect at least 3 meetings, one consultation and 2 fitting.

The second line is represented by the daytime, casual / smart casual pieces, clean, functional, comfortable yet feminine pieces spiced with a hint of boemy, with intelligent tailoring solutions. The pieces are mainly made of cotton and other natural materials.

We also place great emphasis on sustainability, tailoring and material selection.

Our ReDesign line is coming up soon, where we’re revamping old, mostly casual clothes to extend the life of the dresses, which were only meant for a few occasions.

We try to use all the leftovers (materials) to make accessories, home decorations.

We are constantly experimenting and expanding our product list, we are full of ideas.

Our line of accessories and home design is coming soon as well.

The Designer

“The fashion industry came by itself, it was never a question of what I want since I’ve been able to properly hold a pencil ever since I’ve been drawing collections.”

Imola Toth